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Posted on 03 October 2012

A film about the invention of the vibrator should leave you with a satisfied smile.

To Rome With Love

Posted on 28 September 2012

After London, Paris and Barcelona Woody Allen does his clever / funny / romance thang in Rome, but it’s all a bit al dente.

Hope Springs

Posted on 23 September 2012

Hope Springs love / sex movie with a blue rinse twist.

The Three Stooges

Posted on 09 September 2012

An unnecessary remake of a beloved classic.

Keith Lemon

Posted on 06 September 2012

God save us from Keith Lemon and his film.

The Watch

Posted on 29 August 2012

The Watch is a so-so comedy that takes old familiar faces to tired cinematic places.


Posted on 24 August 2012

Seth MacFarlane steps up to the big screen with Ted, the most offensive and funniest cuddly Toy you’ve ever seen.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Posted on 23 August 2012

The end is nigh and rather than a plucky band of wisecracking misfits and mavericks risking their lives to save us all we get The Duchess and the 40 Year Old Virgin passing time before the end of days.

Killer Joe

Posted on 22 August 2012

Killer Joe is a delightfully degraded dark comedy that reminds you why director William Friedkin is such a vieil homme terrible.

The Dictator

Posted on 19 August 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen gets political in his new comedy The Dictator.

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A film about the invention of the vibrator should leave you with a satisfied smile.
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